A Costly Fire At Glencoe


[Special to the Courier-Journal]  Glencoe, Ky., Sept. 1. - The depot at this place, and a large tobacco warehouse, belonging to Hoffman, of Cincinnati, were consumed by fire last night.  The depot building was burned about 11 o'clock, and was the property of Mr. J. M. Denton, of this place.  the railroad company carried an insurance of $1,200 on the building, but Mr. Denton, the agent, carried a stock of dry goods and groceries valued at $4,500, on which he had no insurance.  Only a small quantity of goods was saved.  The fire is thought to be the of an incendiary [i.e. arson].  It is supposed that the tobacco warehouse was ignited by a spark from the burning depot, as it was not burned till about 2 o'clock this morning.  The warehouse was a large, two-story building, and contained about 153,000 pounds of the best quality tobacco.  The total loss of house and tobacco is estimated at about $20,000 by Mr. H. B. Crouch, Mr. Hoffman's agent here.  The warehouse was insured, though it is not known for what amount.  The total loss on warehouse and depot will approximate $25,000, and was the most costly fire seen in this country for a long time.


from the Louisville Courier-Journal, September 2, 1885