The Court House Crowd

This a picture taken by C. Allen Caldwell. I think it is the Gallatin County Courthouse crowd from 1963 or 64.

front row left to right:
J.W. Poe, County Ag Extension Agent; Donna P. Craig, county attorney secretary; Jean Hope Henry; Melanie Bledsoe, Gallatin Circuit Clerk; Jewell Monhollen, County Home Economics Agent; Mrs. Jacobus; Virgie Sanders, circuit clerk staff; Laverne Johns, county clerk staff (future County Clerk); Mary Gridley, Secretary to Frank Connelly; Gwen Taylor; Walter Edmondson, Gallatin County Clerk

Back Row left to right: John Glosser, Warsaw Police; Roy Sisson, Gallatin Tax Assessor; Frank Connelly, former Gallatin County Attorney; Ward Yeager, Circuit Judge; Allen Young, Gallatin County Sheriff; Audrey Turner, County clerk staff; John Wright, Gallatin County Attorney.