The Glencoe Croquet Killing

Warsaw, Ky., Oct. 15 - M. J. Castleman, who killed Dr. G. W. Ferrill over a game of croquet at Glencoe on October 9, by striking him with a croquet mallet, surrendered to the authorities Tuesday and had his preliminary examination.  It resulted in his being bound over to the November term of the court in the sum of $1,500.  He gave bond at once.


Warsaw, Ky., Nov. 26 - In the Gallatin circuit court W. J. Castleman was acquitted by a jury for killing Dr. G. W. Ferrell about a year ago in this county.  The two men were playing croquet and got into a trifling dispute in which the lie was passed, and Castleman struck Farrell on the head while Farrell was advancing on him, producing concussion of the brain and almost instant death.


These two stories are both from Maysville's Public Ledger, the first on October 18, 1899, the second, roughly a year later, from November 26, 1900.  Glencoe's croquet court, in the 1950's, and possible the scene of the events above, was directly behind the bank, across the road to Folsom from the Christian Church.  The two spellings of Ferrell's (Ferrill's?) name above is how it appears in the originals.