Dr. O. E. Yeager


Doctor [Orville] E. Yeager, prominent physician of Glencoe, passed away at his home, Monday, May 20.  Dr. Yeager was born in Oldham County on November 8, 1840, being in the 94th year of his life at his passing. 

 On July 1, 1861, he enlisted in the Confederate Army under W. C. P. Breckinridge and General John H. Morgan, 9th Kentucky Cavalry.  He was three times wounded.  He was baptized in the Tennessee River.

 Doctor O. B. Yeager, of Glencoe, 93 years old has been, and is one of the most progressive men in Gallatin county. Dr. Yeager settled in Glencoe when there was only two houses there. That was long before the L. & N. Railroad was built. At the beginning of the Civil War he enlisted in the John Morgan cavalry and was made a Lieutenant, to say that he served with distinction is not saying enough. Brave as a lion, he never saw the manor men that he was afraid of, before, during or since that war.

 Dr. Yeager has always been the first in every progressive enterprise. When the highway from Verona to Glencoe was proposed Dr. Yeager was the first person to sign the right-of-way and he being 93 years old.

 He has always been for improvement of all kinds, and has ridden in every kind of vehicle from an ox cart to airplane, and says he expects to ride in a machine that will be called an airomobile when he arrives at the age of 122. This airomobile will be built like a greyhound bus and will leave the road when necessary to cross river, etc., and fly, making 700 miles per hour. 

He likes to tell of the time when he was a young man and rode a steer into a saloon in Louisville and dared the police to arrest him. They had heard of his activities in the Morgan raiders and let him go. 

Dr. Yeager is honored by everyone who know him. He is passing his declining years at his home in Glencoe surrounded by his many friends. 

He takes down from the wall his sword, he carried during the Civil War, polishes it and says he wants to be the first man from Gallatin county to enlist in the war between the U.S. and Japan. 

The good old doctor, we are sorry to say is just marking time, and is waiting for taps to be sounded. He was “first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen. 

Funeral services were conducted at his home by Rev. J. A. Lee on Wednesday of this week.  He was laid to rest by the side of his wife in Eminence, Kentucky.  Dr. Yeager was an uncle of Rev. Yeager, of LaGrange, and a great uncle of Ward Yeager, Commonwealth’s Attorney.


Note: Dr. Yeager's obituary is from the May 31, 1934 issue of the The Gallatin County News .  There is an earlier feature on Dr. Yeager in the April 14 issue.  The above is a combination of the two articles.  Much of the April article is re-printed in the May obituary.