Christians Challenge Methodists

On January 13, 1878, The Rev. T. B. Cook sent a letter to the Elders of the Warsaw Christian Church which reads as follows:

Accept the Challenge


Elder B. Franklin accepts the challenge for a religious discussion in his paper of Jan. 7.  I suppose he answers for the church at this place.

Enclosed [below] are a list of propositions that the Methodists are willing to have discussed.

We are ready to meet you and arrange the matter.


T. B. Cook

 set the

1. Infant baptism is authorized by the word of God (Methodist Church affirms)

2. The baptism commanded by our Savior and practiced by the Apostles was immersion. (Christian Church affirms)

3. The Holy Spirit operates directly on the sinner's heart. (Methodist Church affirms)

4. Baptism is for the remission of Sins (Christian Church affirms)

5. The Methodist Church presents the only feasible basis for the union of all Protestant Christians. (Methodist Church affirms)

6. The Church known at this day as the “Christian Church” is the church which was instituted on the day of Pentecost.(Christian Church affirms).


Warsaw, KY, January 14, 1873

to Rev. T. B. Cook,

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 13th inst. was received, and in answer thereto. State that your challenge for a religious discussion has been accepted by Brother Franklin in his paper of January 7 as admitted by you in your note.  The terms of the discussion is specific it seems to us.  The whole question is in his hands.  We refer you to him for any arrangement or correspondence you desire upon this subject.


J. J. Landram

Robert Payne

H. P. Clore



The original's of these documents are in the  Bosworth Memorial Library at the Lexington  Theological Seminary, and are used here with  their kind cooperation.