Cannery Burns near Glencoe

  Williamstown, Ky., July 1. The Glencoe Canning Factory, near Glencoe, Ky., a source of employment to the populace of the village during the tomato canning season, burned to the ground yesterday.  The factory was located a half a mile west of Glencoe, and is owned by R. C. Sinclair, of Walton, who also owns canneries at Walton and Carrollton, Ky., Total damage, including a canning tank valued at $1400, was estimated at $3000  The origin of the fire is unknown.  It was said, however, that sparks from trains passing nearby the factory might have ignited the building.  No fire fighting apparatus was available.  A bucket brigade was formed by residents of Glencoe, but to little avail, as the blaze had gained considerable headway.  The factory was to open the latter part of this month, it was said.  The damage was not covered by insurance.  It was not known whether or not the factory would be rebuilt.  


from the Kentucky Post, July 1, 1932