Glencoe Girls

The Glencoe Girls

The girls! The girls! the pretty girls
With rosy lips and sunny curls.

Of all the pretty girls I know,
The prettiest live in our Glencoe.

There's pretty, saucy, little Nell,
Whom all the boys love so well.

Then Mattie, lovely, winsome girl,
She always is to me a pearl.

Ella dear, so full of grace,
No other girl can fill your place.

Of all the girls we love so well,
We never fail to think of Belle.

And Dora too, she's very fair,
We think her many virtues rare.

There's our Molly, full of glee,
May you always happy be.

There's our little friend Irene -
A lovely girl of sweet sixteen.

And Florence, too, whose lovely face
We always love our home to grace.

Now I have mentioned but a few
Of many girls so good and true,

But you may look for something more
In the year eighteen eighty-four.

Next time my hand my pen employs,
'Twill be something about the boys.

                                     - -Little One


unknown author from an undated newsclipping