The Over-Reviving Revival

The meeting being held at Warsaw seems to be growing in interest and influence is extending.  An exchange says “the wonderful revival is still in progress at the Methodist church in Warsaw, Ky.  Dr. Vaughan and Rev. C. J. Nugent did the preaching up to Saturday, February 6.  Since that time Rev. Barker, the pastor, has been doing the preaching.  All the business houses, including three saloons, closed up last week from 11 to 12 each day.  All denominations are working in harmony.  Things were moving along quite smoothly until Sunday night, when Rev. Mr. Barker referred to Sabbath-breaking church members keeping stores open, etc.   Then the bombshell burst.  Men became enraged, and said ugly things out on the streets.  The fight is warming up.  The best citizens of the town are on Mr. Barker's side, and excitement is up to fever heat.  Such a revival tide has not been felt in Warsaw in twenty years.  Old citizens say the like was never witnessed.  It is now widening out, and the influence is spreading on both sides of the river.


Mt. Sterling Advocate, February 23, 1892