Mt. Zion Baptist Church

In a document filed on July 12, 1938, is reported this information about Warsaw's Mt. Zion Predestinarian Baptist Church, at Pearl and Fourth. They reported “20 enrolled with 4 active members.” Date organized is listed as “1885(?)”. “First building a small one-room frame which has been remodeled three times, each time adding more space to the one room.” The date the building was dedicated is listed as “unknown.” Under details, they list “1 bell, small, plain structure under roof with stone steps leading up to the front door, and small canopy built built out over the door.” Rev. Thomas Arnold is cited as having been the pastor there for three years, while “Rev. Henry Hughes took up work next remained till his death in 1938.” Last and most saddest: “No late records kept and all early records lost by persons entrusted with their care as they had no idea as to value of such records.”


from the archives of the W.P.A.(Wikipedia)