Paper Changes Name

“The name of the [Warsaw] Record, “for reasons satisfactory to its publishers,” has been changed to the Gallatin News, and came last week, partly in new type.  It is considerably improved in its reading matter and if it would use plain type for its headlines and advertisements, instead of that horribly fancy and handbill stuff, it would add much to the neatness of its appearance.”

Earlier, on January 25, 1873,  the Carrollton Democrat, which consistently mocked the Record, and Warsaw,  had this item about the Record:

"The Record still persists in being “as independent as an iceberg,” and explains itself thus: “It simply means that no man or party can govern us no more than they can an iceberg.” By all means let the Record stick to its iceberg and - to its grammar.”


from the Carrollton Democrat, January 30, 1875