How the Rev. Mitchell Secured a Marriage License

Louisville, Ky., Feb. 12. - The Rev. John Mitchell, Pastor of a Baptist church in Warsaw, Ky., had a rather embarrassing experience this afternoon in his effort to obtain a marriage license.  For some time he had been courting Malinda Williams, who lives near Watson, Ind., and he had finally induced her to name the day for their marriage.  It was set for to-day, and the event was to be celebrated at the Warsaw Baptist Church.

When the groom-elect applied for a license at Jeffersonville [Indiana] he was mortified to find himself short of funds.  County Clerk Lewman would not listen to a plea for credit, but a kind-hearted witness of the affair came to the assistance of the embarrassed preacher by suggesting that a collection be taken up.  This was accordingly done, the county officials themselves contributing.

After the license had been paid for, the minister remarked that “when he got a license the other three times he was married he didn't have no such trouble.” He left the Court House almost on a run, fearing he would delay the important ceremony which was set to take place five miles in the country.  He was only two hours late.


From the New York Times, February 13, 1892