The First Brown Hotel

Warsaw Hotel

Walter Brown would respectfully inform his friends that he has taken the large and convenient brick tavern, situated on Main Cross street, one square from the river, and recently purchased by H. W. Hampton.  This well arranged and well-known house has been thoroughly repaired and fitted up, for the accommodation of the public, in a style that will insure comfort and convenience to those who may favor him with a call.  Such is the capaciousness of this house, that he can at all times furnish families with private rooms, and , during the sitting of the courts, lawyers who may please to call on him, an each have a separate room.   His bar is well supplied with the best liquors that can be procured, and his table will at all times be furnished with the best that market and county can afford.   His stable is large, and will at all times be bountifully supplied with fodder, hay, corn and oats, and attended by faithful and trusty hostlers.

  Passengers from steamboats will be received at any hour of the night, and attended to.  Baggage will be taken to and from the boats by trusty servants.   In short, he is determined that no house in the place shall surpass him in attention to, or preparation for his guests. 

Walter Brown, Warsaw, Ky., April 24, 1847. 


From the Covington Union, September 15, 1848.