Warsaw, Kentucky

August 14, 1833

At a meeting of the Trustees of the town of Warsaw on the 14th day of August, 1833, consisting of Robert Guinea, Willis Peake, Jefferson Peake, Henry W. Hampton and D Jno C Richards the four mentioned attended at after being duly qualified proceeded to pass the following ordinances:

Robt. Guinea called to the chair


1.  Benjamin Tiller was nominated and appt Clerk
2.  Willis Roberts was nominated and appt Treasurer.
3.  Thompson Blount Esq. was nominated and appointed Assessor
4.  Abbott Eggleston was nominated and appointed collector of tax
5.  John Stringfellow former collector to pay over taxes collected to the Treasurer
6.  Poll tax levied at 50 cents per head.
7  Real Estate subject to tax of 20 cents per hundred dollars
8  Merchandise and groceries to be taxed as follows:

Nancy Bryant                       nine dollars
Willis Roberts                       five dollars
Turpin and Avery                five dollars
Geo Sirlott                             five dollars
John Peggs                            three dollars
P. W. Runyan & H. W. Hampton      one dollar

9.  Fine for blocking streets
10.  Fine for running horses through town $5.00.  To be fined for merely galloping horses 50 cents.  If it is a slave, he or she so offending shall receive on his or her back not less than five nor more than fifteen stripes.
11.  For firing a gun…for every such offense $5.00
12.  Showing a stallion or jack within limits of town…fine for every such offense, $5.00
13.  Shows and exhibitions to be taxed
14.  Sluts taxed $1.00
15.  Fine for obstructing wharf
16.  Be it ordained that these ordinances shall be in full force from and after the first day of Sept. 1833

Signed Robert Guinea, Chairman and the board adjourned.  Attest: Benjamin Tiller, clerk.


I have a book of notes my Grandmother, Anna Cecil Hendrix Spencer, made from the Record of the Town Trustees of the City of Warsaw, August 14, 1833 to Feb. 19, 1847.  Her notes indicate that she did not copy everything, so what's here may be verbatim, maybe not.  I assure you she would have gotten the names and dates right.  The record book, at the time she copied it, was in the possession of the Gallatin County Deposit Bank, a long gone institution.  I have no idea if the book still exists or not.