Sparta Doctors

The first doctor of medicine in Sparta that we have a record of is Dr. Bond. He lived where the old hardware store was, or where the Pool Room was. Now it is a tavern, with living quarters upstairs and belongs to Mr. Red Oldes, a brother to J. R. Bond Father. He [?] was the one who brought Johnny Obrine [?] here from Cincinnati.

There was also a Dr. Lindsey, who lived where the bank now stands. He had s two-story white house, the same as Dr. Bond. I have a picture of the Bond’s home, down o the corner, and believe that both houses burnt in the big fire of 1895. After, Dr. Bond went up on the hill where Alex Alexander now lives. He built this home. The framing material was sawed up on Two Mile, out of poplar. When his wife died, he buried her in the corner of the yard, and had a glass top put on it, and he would go out and look at her every day. They did move her after some time. You can see the pile of stone, still in the corner of the yard. I do not know what happened to Dr. Lindsey, but know he was the doctor who borned Alf Hamilton, and it was in the old brick house, that burnt, where Charley Young now lives.

Dr. J. M. Stallard came to Sparta some time around 1890, because near then is when he joined the Sparta Baptist Church. He married a young girl who lived in the H. W. Carver home. It was an Ellis home then. The girl he married was Mr. Harry Carver’s first wife’s niece, an only child. Her mother died when Mrs. Stallard was a small girl. Then her father moved to Sanders, where he married again, and had three children, 2 girls and a boy. Dr. J. M. Stallard married Birtie Ellis in 1899 and lived in the house where Gene Davis now lives. He got a piece of ground fro the Ellis farm in 1915, and built a nice home, where he lived until his death in 1945. His wife lived a few years and then passed on to be with him. They had three children, a girl and two boys. They sold the home to Mr. And Mrs. Bill Coates, who at his time are still living there.

If you get sick now you have to go to the hospital. The doctors we have now won’t come to your home like the doctors of then would. We have a hospital in Owenton, two doctors, and a hospital in Carrollton. We also have ambulance service in the county, which has a charge of $50 per call with the life squad.