Grant County, 1847

Formed 1820
County Seat Williamstown
Terms of County Court Second Monday of each month
Justices of the Peace Henry Woodyard, Lewis Myers, M. J. Williams, B. H. Evans, Harmon Childers, Wm. Skirvin, Wm. H. Morgan, Martin Draper, John M'Clure, Thomas Clarke, James A. Taylor, Wesley Porter, Alexander Dunlap.
Sheriff George S. Gravit, commissioned Oct. 18, 1845
Deputy Sheriff James O'Hara, jr., Williamstown
Clerk Wm. Smith, do.
County Attorney Andrew S. Linn, do.
Jailer Willis Marksberry,  do.
Coroner Wesley Tully
Constables Jas. Ewing, M. M. Morgan, Chilton Mathing, Wm. Clark, Samuel Gossitt, Jonas J. Elliston, Wm. P. Drinkard
Notaries Public James W. M'Cann
Surveyor John H. Downing
Commissioners of Tax Bryan P. Clark and Jno. Myers
Attorneys At Law Andrew S. Lynn, John S. Boyd, Victor Munroe, M. Burnett, and John W. M'Cann, Williamstown; Cyrus Yancy, Crittenden; John H. Downing, Downingsville.
Physicians Wesley Tulley, Carter B. Snill, John S. Roberts, William A. Gaines, Williamstown; O. J. Lindsey, J. Henderson, R. A. Edwards, Crittenden; Charles D. Lewis, Dry Ridge; C. J. Coleman, Downingsville.
Principal Merchants N. C. Tunis, B. K. & S. B. Mirrell, Williamstown; T. B. Sharp, Dry Ridge; John H. Carter, Wm. H. Scott, Crittenden; N. H. Matthews, Downingsville.



Data is from The Kentucky State Register for the Year 1847, edited by Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Morton & Griswold, publishers, Louisville, 1847.