Grant County News, 1868

 Sale of Distillery.  The partnership distillery, owned by Messrs. John Carnes and Geo. W. Nichols will, under decree of Court, be sold next week, I forget the day, in order that the creditors of Geo. W. Nichols may get the benefit of his share of said distillery.  Sale on the premises, near John Carnes residence, Grant county.

 New Distilleries.  C. C. Musselman and J. H. Musselman, the former 5, and the latter 8 miles South of Williamstown, will, as I am informed, erect each a new distillery on his premises this fall of the early part of the winter.

 Another New Distillery is being erected, near Sherman, in Grant county, about 7 miles north of Williamstown, on the Covington and Lexington Pike, by Richard A. Dickerson and Richard A. Collins.  It is to be a very commodious affair.

 The distillery intended to be erected by Mr. James Hutchinson, near Dry Ridge, Grant county, I have heard nothing of lately.

 Corn - Large Yield - There is a very large yield of corn in this county this year, beating any year within the last ten.  B. F. Lemmon informs me that 4 shocks, 16 hills square, turn out 5 barrels of good corn, and that his whole crop will average at this rate - every 200 hills of corn yielding about 1 barrel, or five bushels.

 Small Grain Sown. - A much greater breadth of land has been sown in Wheat, Rye, and Barley, this fall than last, in this county.

 Sorghum Molasses.   In riding over Grant county I have seen more sorghum growing this year than in any other previous year.  Molasses is being made in quite large quantities for family use.  It is no uncommon thing for a farmer to have from one to three barrels of this substitute for "Golden Syrup."  It is quite palatable, being greatly improved in taste as experience teaches us a better method of manufacturing this almost indispensable article for every family.  This is to become a staple commodity in Kentucky.  Its great value is at this time but little appreciated.  In a few years, every farmer will plant a quantity of sorghum sufficient for family use, and for export.


Random Reportings from Grant County, from the Covington Journal, November 14, 1868