Blind Tigers in Grant County

There is a “hot time” coming for the “Blind Tiger” venders in Grant county.  Uncle Sam has at last tumbled to the fact that wines, whiskies and beer are being sold in Grant county by various persons without leave, law, or license, and last week he put one of his secret service sleuths on the trail and he discovered that of the thirty or more “blind tigers” being conducted in Grant county, there was only one that had even the protection of a Government license.  So these gentlemen who have been peddling the “death dealer” in barns and hay lofts in old houses and barns, and out of the way places will probably be visited in a few days by a United States Deputy Marshal, and invited to accompany him to Covington, there to explain to a Federal Judge and jury why it is that he has no respect for Uncle Sam's laws made and provided.


from the Boone County Recorder, February 27, 1901, reprinting an item from the Williamstown Courier.