Grant County Bridges

Grant county has but four bridges within her limits belonging to the county. Two of them are across Eagle Creek and two of them are across Ten Mile. They are modern iron structures and were built some ten years ago by the best bridge company in the world, the King Iron Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The four bridges cost $70,000.00 and bonds were issued to raise money with which to pay for them at the time. All of these bonds have been paid off, excepting $22,500.00, and they are bearing interest at only 4 1/2 per cent. All of these bridges are the perfection of modern bridge construction. They are the best the art will produce. They are beautiful in outline, symmetrical in form and an ornament to the neighborhood in which they happen to be located.

One of the bridges in on the Williamstown and Owen Line Turnpike Road at the crossing of that road over Eagle creek near the residence of Dudley Starnes. One of them is across Eagle Creek at Downingsville, connecting the Dry Ridge and Downingsville Turnpike with the Downingsville and Jonesville Turnpike. Both of these bridges are beauties. The Holbrook bridge has a single span and the Downingsville bridge has a double span.

One of the Ten Mile bridges is located at Folsom, near Eagle Creek, and is a single but lovely span, the other is located at Zion Station and is a single span.

Every guarantee made by the King Iron Bridge Company on these bridges has been fulfilled, and if the county ever builds any more bridges it is almost safe to say that they will get the job. They are now one of the very few bridge companies outside of the combine or trust.


from the Williamstown Courier of May 30, 1901