Bold Yeggemen

Crack a Safe and Take $2,500, Leaving Only Some Pennies

Corinth, Ky., Dec. 22. - As the result of a bold safe-blowing and robbery here the Corinth Deposit Bank is out $2,500.  Some time after midnight the bank building was entered and the safe blown open with nitro-glycerin and its contents rifled.  That the robbers were deliberate in their work was evident by the appearance of the bank when Cashier G. W. Tinned [sic. It's "Trimnell"] reached it.  For want of a carpet or rugs, the cracksman had walled up the outside of the safe with books and folded newspapers to deaden the sound.  The safe contained $2,500 in currency and some valuable papers.  One thousand dollars was in gold, another thousand in silver and the remainder in paper money.  The cracksmen took all the currency, with the exception of a package of pennies, which had evidently been spilled on the floor.


from the Berea Citizen, December 28, 1905