Flash of Light


Scared the Bank Robbers, Who Only Secured Three Hundred Dollars

Crittenden, Ky., - Frightened by the lighting of a lamp in the house across the street, bank robbers fled from the Tobacco Growers Deposit Bank after having blown the safe and securing $300.  In plain sight was $5,000 more, which they left.  The men first broke into a flouring mill and scattered several sacks of grain, which they piled in front of the safe, then used nitro-glycerin.  The explosion wrecked the vault and the interior of the building.  This noise of the explosion wakened Dr. Brown, who lived across the street, and he struck a light.  The robber on watch saw the flash and gave the alarm, fleeing at once with his companions.


The Berea Citizen, January 31, 1907