One Man Dying

As the Result of a Fight at Williamstown


Two Others Slightly Hurt


Shooting Took Place on “Dead Man's Corner,” Scene of a Score of Tragedies

Williamstown, Ky., Dec. 25 -Special - Another victim was added to the already long list of killings on “dead man's corner” in Williamstown this afternoon.  Arthur Goughe, the victim, lies dying in the office of Dr. C.D. O'Hara, while Vet Goughe, his father, is suffering from a gunshot wound in the back, and Carl Goughe, a brother, has a wound in the face, caused by the glancing of a bullet.  James Redenour and Tom Hackett, accused of the shooting, are under arrest and are being guarded by the sheriff and his deputies.

The shooting occurred at 4 o'clock. Hackett and Redenower had been together all day.  The beginning of the affair dates back more than a year to a dance at Hardscrabble, when Henry Dittz was seriously cut in the face.  Since that time a sort of a feud has existed between the persons mentioned.  To-day the Goughes came to town and began to indulge in liquor.  Several times trouble was threatened, but the would be combatants were separated by peacemakers.  at last they all met at Lee's saloon.  There was an exchange of hot words, and Vet Goughe drew a knife.  His son, Arthur, tried to make him put it up, but he refused.  the quarrel waxed hot, and Hackett and Redenower, it is alleged, began shooting.  Nine shots were fired in all, and when the smoke lifted, Arthur staggered from the room.  Some thought he was drunk, and did not realize that he was mortally wounded, but a bullet had passed through his intestines.  He was taken to the office of Dr. O'Hara and his would examined.  Dr. O'Hara pronounced the wound fatal and said he would live but a few hours. A bullet struck Vet Goughe in the back, making a flesh-wound, while another hit the cheek bone of Carl Goughe and glanced off.  Neither is seriously hurt.  The relatives of Carl Goughe live at Hardscrabble, three miles south of here, and are numerous.

Jim Redenower, one of the young men charged with the shooting, is a young farmer who lives a few miles east of town.  He is wealthy, owning several hundred acres of land.  His father-in-law, William Lancaster, of Corinth, is one of the wealthiest men in the county.  Tom Hackett came here from Pendleton county.  He was at one time Marshall of Brooksville, Bracken county.  He killed a man there while in office. He has been in Williamstown about a year and has been employed by Sid Ransom as barkeep most of the time.  Neither man has been granted bail, but both are under the care of the Sheriff and his deputies.  A score of tragedies have occurred on the corner where the shooting was done, and it has been designated as “dead man's corner” for the past twenty years.


from the Louisville Courier-Journal, December 26, 1869