Williamstown, Ky., September 18, 1871   Elliottsville, situated three miles south of Williamstown, on the Lexington Pike, business called me to visit on Saturday last, and it is gratifying to witness the industry and energy of the people here and about.  The steam flouring and saw mill, owned by Mr. Manoah Lucas, and Messrs. Elliott and Cason’s store and grocery, constitute the business centre of the village, which does not contain more than ten families all told.  Mr. Lewis Pebbler, the well-known, skillful, and experienced mill-wright and miller, whose professional services have been in demand in Grant, Gallatin, Owen and Scott counties, has the superintendence of the flouring department, being engaged by Mr. M at high wages; and from good, well-prepared wheat manufactures a superior article of flour, surpassed by none manufactured elsewhere in the county.  The sawing department is cutting poplar, walnut, oak and other lumber in large quantities, of fine quality, and all required dimensions.  The proprietor, Mr. Lucas, is one of the most industrious, energetic, conscientious and accommodating business men of our community, and well deserves the liberal patronage of the appreciating public.  Mr. Newman J. Cason, son of Mr. Greenville Cason, deceased, late of Harrison county, and partner, salesman, and clerk, in the sore and grocery above mentioned, is an accommodating, pleasant, amiable young gentleman, qualities deserving the popularity which he has gained in the upper part of Grant, and those parts of Owen, Scott and Harrison bordering on Grant.  Too many young ladies, who love to deal with Mr. Cason, together with their discerning mothers, can attest to the truth here stated.   The log wagons, and wood wagons, and huckster wagons, and farmers’ mill wagons, and a row of single horses hitched to the rack, seen on Saturday last, looked town-like, and caused me to think more of the business and business men of Elliotsville than of its population or area.


undated newspaper clipping