Railroad Accident


Railroad Accident— Loss of Life. Cincinnati, February 22d. A passenger train on the Short-line road fell through a bridge three miles from Elliston. Kentucky, this morning. About sixty-five passengers were on board. Of this number two were killed and fifty-two wounded. Surgeons and supplies went from Covington at 1 p. m. and a locomotive followed with other surgeons a short time later. The wounded were cared for and placed in cars. A passenger says the wounded were heaped in a horrid mass, and that the scene following was exciting in the extreme. The unwounded passengers joined with citizens from the surrounding country and officers of the train in the work of extracting the bodies. The killed were John J. Brock of Sparta, Kentucky, and Hanson Julian, a colored porter of the train.


Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 42, Number 7420, February 24, 1872