The World Do Move

In defense of his stand against the teaching of biological science in general and Darwinism in particular, Mr. W. J. Bryan (Wikipedia) defies anyone to “make a monkey out of him.”

Surely no one would try, Mr. Bryan.  Doubtless the priests who wished to burn Galileo as a heretic because he said the world was round and moved, in the face of their assertion that it was stationary and flat, defied the Italian, or anyone else, to make monkey's out of them, walking on a round earth, sometimes upside down.

One recalls with some pleasure the mathematical proof which Professor Simon Newcomb, unquestionably one of America's greatest scientists, adduced to show the impossibilities of a man flying in a heavier than air machine.  Doubtless he considered that anyone who tried to prove to the contrary would be making a monkey out of him.

 Yet, somehow the world was round, and did and does move; and men did and do fly in heavier than air machines, and somehow even the voice of the distinguished Democrat, crying in the wilderness, does not appear sufficiently virile to remove from books, libraries, schools, or mens' minds the truths which Darwin first gave an astonished world, and which, in our present knowledge of evolution, forms the basis of much of biology.


Robert Westover, publisher of the Grant County News, in the issue of March 24, 1922.