A Fake


D. Ferrell Was Not Hung


A Spree and a Sequel


Dr. Ferrell, of Elliston Station, who is a very clever and agreeable gentleman had considerable free advertising this week.  By some means the report got out early in the week that the doctor had been taken out by the mob and hanged, and that before death had ended his struggle a country boy came along and cut him down.  The report said that he had been beating his wife and the hanging was done by the neighborhood in which he lived.  

The story is fake, pure and simple. 

It’s only foundation is in the fact that the Doctor and a few of the boys had gotten on a “high lonesome” and, while in a state of conviviality, held a mock session of court at which Dr. Ferrell was put on trial for his life for beating his wife and the wise jury while in their “caps” sentenced him to be hung by the neck until dead; but they did not attempt to carry out their verdict.  The Doctor bought the jury and the court by “setting’em up” once more, and so the matter ended where it began – in fun – and nothing more would have been heard about it had it not been for the proneness of stories to grow as they travel from mouth to mouth and place to place.”  


Williamstown Courier, May 7, 1896