Grant County Aviation Notes

John Leming presented a program at the Grant County Historical Society reporting on early aviation in Grant County.  The Harrison-Pettit Flying School was in Grant County in the early 1930's, and Mr. Leming worked there with his brother John.  The first female pilot in Grant County was Buzzy Leming.  Items he shared from the Grant County News included:

 -          The first airplane owned in Grant County was purchased by R. D. Petit and F. A. Harrison, and was to be used both as a commercial and pleasure airplane.

-          Col. Fred Harrison was a Grant Co attorney who later became county judge, and was in the aviation corp in World War I.

-          Col. Harrison was able to make frequent flights between Grant County and Edgewood, Kentucky in "less than thirty minutes."

-          Roy Osborne flew a Waco 10 Airplane

-          In June of 1931, at the Williamstown Airport, named Emma Conrad Field (2 miles north of Williamstown near Dixie Highway), they had Wild Bill Hinkey as a performer to do parachute jumps and wing walking.

-     an ad in the 5-24-1930 Gallatin County news invited readers to come out to Harrison-Pettit field to see "Stunt Flying and Parachuite Jumping."