100 Years Ago


Listen friends, I want you to know

Salem Church was built 1000 years ago;

A Godley man, Frances Gaugh

A church was needed, he saw.

So his home he invited the Circuit Riders in

To preach the Gospel, and souls to win;

This is when Salem Church took its start,

Few members consecrated their heart.

These members decided a church to make

Congregated with axes they did take,

Began cutting logs, did not take long

To build a church, good and strong.

The log church began to decay, So the members thought best to take it away.

And in 1875, a frame church was begun –

In a few weeks, the church was done.

When the old church was torn down,

Three carpenters, Joe and John P. Evans and Chill Brown

Soon had the building complete,

Where we could worship, each time we meet.

In 1917 this church needed repair

So a church conference was held there;

A vote for a new church you see;

The members all were in favor, but three.

Rev. A. P. Jones built this church real soon

And in 1918, the 18th of June,

It was dedicated, you all see.

                       - Rev. Morrison, H. C. 


by By C. L. Harrison, from Grant County News of October 24, 1941