Conference is Held on Grant ‘Speed Trap’

Attorney General Advises Officers to Use Caution in Enforcing the Law

Frankfort, Ky., Aug. 15 [1930], (AP) - J. W. Cammack, Attorney General, conferred with officials of Grant County and representatives of automobile clubs regarding an alleged speed trap in Grant County.

Mr. Cammack had received reports, some defending and others condemning law enforcement methods in Grant County.  Statements from Grant County officials were taken by the Attorney General.

Alvin E. Evans, Lexington, dean of the College of Law, University of Kentucky, and J. Sherman Porter, manager of the Lexington Auto Club attended the conference.  Mr. Porter said if Grant County officials did not eliminate the alleged speed trap, automobile clubs would take steps to re-route traffic around the county.

Mr. Cammack said he found no evidence indicating there had been any irregularities in the collection of fees.  The Attorney General said Grant County Officials informed him it was necessary to curb speeding in Williamstown because the long, narrow highway through the town resulted in a dangerous situation.

The officials were advised by the Attorney General to exercise caution in their enforcement methods but to enforce the law. He advised the auto clubs to request their members to comply with the laws. Grant County officials said they permitted a speed of fifty miles an hour.


from the Louisville Courier Journal, August 16, 1930