Squirrel McDonald


Squirrel McDonald, the champion five gaited horse at eight fairs in the year 1910; sired by Shropshire's Kentucky Squirrel 1466 and out of Queen McDonald 2047, combines the two greatest known show horse families; he is known so well we will not give the full pedigree and description.

As an individual, Squirrel McDonald has made a reputation for himself in the three years which he has been in the show ring that places him among the foremost horses in the country.  His colts are all splendid types and show their royal breeding.  Fourteen of his colts can be seen on my farm, eight of which are registered.

Squirrel McDonald has been nominated in the great A.S.H.A. Stakes, making all mares bred to him eligible to enter this great contest in which at least $15,000 will be offered in premiums.

For another year this fine stallion will be offered at the low service fee of $15.00 to insure a living colt.


from the Grant County News, April 14, 1911