Interesting Term of Circuit Court

Trial of “Toronto Jimmy” For Bank Looting One of the Most Important

The February term of Circuit Court which will commence next Monday promises to be an unusually busy one.  There are several cases on the docket of unusual interest, though only one important criminal case.  The trial of “Toronto Jimmy” on a charge of blowing the safe of the Tobacco Growers Deposit Bank at Crittenden will probably excite more interest than any other case on the docket.  Coupled with his escape from the county jail here in June, 1909, and his subsequent capture, this noted prisoner will be a star in the three weeks' drama that will commence at the court house next Monday morning.  It is hardly probable that he will be granted any sympathy as he was when he was tried in Williamstown a couple of years ago, however, and while he may not be convicted, if he should be freed there is every possibility that he will have to stand trial elsewhere and that he will not regain his freedom even for a day.


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