Where's Delia


A readers says: ‘Delia; where is Delia?’  Delia is a little hamlet in the hills near where the waters of Clark’s Creek empty into Eagle, and on the Baton Rouge turnpike between Downingsvlle and Dry Ridge.  Delia boasts a general tore, a saw and grit mill, blacksmith shop, drug store, string band, and a good collection of citizens. The ill health of the community is looked after by Dr. A. V. Menefee.  Our schools are under the of Mr. R. L. Abernathy and Miss Hattie Lucas.  The storehouse of W. C. Carter, recently occupied by D. M. Hall, of Heekin, a a branch store, has not been rented by J. E. Lowe, of Williamstown, who has put in a new stock of goods, which is under the management of R. M. Lowe.  The store has always captured the trade of the community and will doubtless be a continued success under its new management.


The Williamstown Courier, October 1, 1896