Williamstown, Kentucky, 1883


April 23 - At Corinth to-day, Mr. Cook dealt out quick justice to Sidney Westover, a fifteen-year-old boy, with a wagon spoke, severely cutting his head in three or four places and breaking his nose.  Westover, a few days since, stoned Cook's wife out of a privy, and yesterday shot through the window of Cook's house with a rubber sling.  Cook was arrested and gave bond.  The boy was taken home in a buggy, severely injured.

Yesterday, Taylor Innis and one Shannon broke into the bar-room of Statton, near Hinton, and captured several gallons of whiskey and some cigars, all of which they tried to consume in as little time as possible.  They were arrested to-day and taken to Georgetown to stand trial. Innis is an old-timer, and this will no doubt give the people of Corinth a rest.

To-night Jim Frank, who at Stewartville this morning shot and killed John Clark was arrested in an old out-house, under a pile of old puncheons.  He surrendered without any fight, and in company with Asa, his youngest brother, who is charged with complicity, was brought to this place to-night.

There is much excitement and some talk of lynching, but the cooler heads will prevent anything of the kind.  The trial will take place at 9 o'clock a.m. to-morrow.  A strong effort will be made to show complicity on the part of Asa, the younger brother.


from Covington's Daily Commonwealth, April 24, 1883