Oak Ridge


by Harold Kells

The history of my community is very short.  Most of the people here are not old enough to know much about it.  The name of my community is Oak Ridge.  We have a population of about fifty people.  Most of the people here are farmers who have to work other places to make a living.  The main crop is tobacco, but many farmers also have dairy cattle.  On Oak Ridge there are a few old buildings still standing.  There is an old house on our farm.  The man we bought it from said his great grandfather lived there.  The house is about ready to fall down.  By the creek, there is a gas well which was used at one time, but is not in use now.  There was also a sawmill at Oak Ridge where many trees were sawed into lumber, but it is also gone. We have one church, the Oak Ridge Baptist Church, which was built in the late 1800's.  


From a collection of essays written in American Literature Eleven.  The class was taught by Ms. Hazel Ogden of Grant County High School in the 1963-1964 school year, and was typed by the typing classes of Mrs. Mattie Cox.  It is copyrighted by the Grant County Schools, and is used here with their kind permission. We found a copy in UK's King Library.