1937 flood

Aerial View of the 1937 Flood

Another Aerial of Covington, 1937


15th & Wheeler in Covington

Believed to be at 3rd and Philadelphia




West Covington, looking East 1937

The Foot of Madison
Pike Street,
south of Main
Scott Street, between
 4th and 5th Streets


Seventh & Scott At the entrance to the Suspension Bridge Roughly from Madison
 Avenue looking north


Definitely Covington, likely 1937


Looking south from the Suspension Bridge Foot of Garrard Street Looking East on 3rd, from Madison Madison, looking north from Fifth

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Madison, looking
north from 3rd
Maryland, looking
north, from St. E

East End
Residences, 1937

Covington in
the 1937 Flood



Aerial view of Covington, 1937

Looking northeast over Austinburg.  This picture is 7 days before the crest of the flood, i.e. it'll coming up 7 more feet.


Somewhere in
Covington, 1937
Yes, the Suspension Bridge was the
only bridge open between Cairo
 and Pittsburg.  No, it wasn't effortless.


Covington end of the Suspension Bridge, 1937


 Suspension Bridge, 1937

 Suspension Bridge, 1937

Troops Marching
 to Suspension Bridge



The extent of the 1937 Flood waters in Kenton County.


"Covington, Kentucky, on the Ohio opposite Cincinnati, under fifteen feet of water - over one-third its area" 1937

"West Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio from Cincinnati, under 15 feet of water."




Pontoon Bridge at 5th & Scott

6th and Main, 1937

Twelfth Street Bridge, 1937


7th & Scott, 1937

7th & Scott, 1937

On the left of this pic is the Dixie Sign Company, at 117 Park Place in Covington

Depenbrock's Grocery
 at 640 Scott



from St. Benedict's on 17th Street, 1937


St. Elizabeth in the 1937 Flood



This is a steam shovel, brought in to provide steam to St. Elizabeth,
since the boilers in St. E's basement were flooded, and inoperable.


How much greater was the '37 flood than its predecessors?  Lots.


Ground breaking for the Covington floodwall


An AP wire photo from March 10, 1967.
The water's covering Riverside Drive.

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