left, The Liberty Theatre
right, The Hippodrome, 7th & Washington



left, "Covington" Exchange, 11th & Scott, 1922
right, "South" Exchange, 4th and Court, 1922


Gus W. Menninger, Undertaker


Covington Lager Beer Brewery, 1884


 Veith and Zweigart Lumber Company
 on the sw corner of Madison and Grand



left, Roland Cab, 107 E. 5th Street, 1940
right, Larry Blank's, Covington Cycles, 31 E. 5th Street, 1940
at the left is Geo's Cafe, run by Geo. Schilds


Champion Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage
left, looking northwest, 2nd between Scott and Court
center, looking northeast, from 2nd and Scott
right, looking south, from Suspension bridge


Fred Macke Coal and Coke
813 Madison Avenue, c. 1912



The Eilerman Building, c. 1903


Eilerman's Men's Stores  
Covington on the left; Newport on the right.
When my Mom bought, we went to a little place on Pike Street called Parisians. 
When my Grandfather bought, we went to Eilerman's.  Good goods.

"Opening! Today, Thursday. October 7, 1896 is the day for the grand opening of [Eilerman's] new store, 610 Madison Avenue, Covington., Ky. with a large and magnificent stock of Men's Boy's and Children's Clothing at unequaled low prices.  We have spared no expense to make the day a memorable  one in the history of Covington, and have on that occasion secured the services of a full brass band, and everybody attending the opening will be presented with a handsome souvenir.  Positively no goods sold on opening day.  Opening hours from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. and from & P.M. to 9 P. M.  EVERYBODY INVITED."



Lovell and Buffington, Tobacco Dealers
229-235 Scott in Covington


Sanitary Laundry, 1921
210-12 Greenup Street, Covington


Kay's Laundry and Dry Cleaning,  c. 1950
 204 Greenup Street, Covington


Marion G. Grubbs, Grocer, 44 Pike Street



The Moeschel - Edwards Corrugating Company
on the railroad, between 8th and 9th

"One Cent Reward.  Ranaway from the subscriber, HENRY FINCH, an apprentice to the Saddling business.  The above reward and no thanks will be paid for his return.  The public are forewarned from trusting or employing him.  Andrew Ross, Covington." 
from the Licking Valley Register, August 10, 1844.

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