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C & O Switcher #195, Covington,
September 6, 1931
C & O Passenger Car,
January 5, 1915


C & O No. 1521 in Covington


C&O Locomotive No. 277, 9th & Washington, 1965. No. 277 was in use from 1888 to 1825.  That's the New England Distillery Building behind it


 The C&O Railroad Station.  Also used by the L&N, it lasted
until August of 1922. It was located at 8th & Russell.


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September 6, 1931, A locomotive from the Louisville, Henderson and St. Louis at the C. & O. in Covington May 16, 1930 at the C. & O. Roundhouse in Covington. C. & O. 811. September 6, 1931, a C. & O. in Covington, C. & O. 447


C & O Roundhouse & Offices, Covington. Looking northwest, from Madison, near 14th
Thanks! to Nancy and Dennis
Hanseman for this image

The C & O Offices, damaged in
 the July 7, 1915 tornado

The C&O Roundhouse 
To see the roundhouse today,
go west on 14th, off of Madison


Car #2 of the Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway, 1941

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System Map of the Cincinnati, Newport, and Covington
Railway, a.k.a. the CNC, a.k.a. the Green Line, is here

Two men killed on the C&O, while fighting on the tracks, here.

The C & O Historical
Society is here.

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