L & N

These are all from 1919



left, Looking south.  That's   the Latonia Race Clubhouse spires in the distance, on the left.


right, Looking north, that's the Latonia Racetrack grandstand on the right.




left, Looking northeast, above the race track but not quite to the turn east.  Note the Holy Cross steeples on the right.


right, looking northeast,
 L & N buildings




left, looking northeast, the current railroad takes the split to the right, the track to the left no longer exists as an active track.


right, same as above.  You can see the track to the left end at the sw corner of Decoursey & 34th.  You can see old track on S. Rogers  Street.




left, looking east.  That's Decoursey Ave. running left to right, between those two buildings, both of which are still standing.  This is the current path of the railroad.


right, looking east. That's the old Latonia passenger station in the distance, on the right.




left, this looks east.  We're crossing the old Kentucky Central.  Depot on the right, or south


right, I'm guessing that this is looking southwest, somewhere near what is today Harold Mason Lane in Latonia.



kenton line

The above pictures are all from the LCL Division (the old Short Line, from Covington to Louisville).  The images below are all from the Central Division (from Covington, due south to Falmouth and beyond, earlier the Kentucky Central)

kenton line


right, looking south, on the old Kentucky Central line, toward what you know as DeCoursey yard.




left, looking south.  The plant on the left is the Busse Brick Co, at 47th.


left, I think this one looks north on the K, Central.  That house is still standing (Thanks Scott!)




left, looking north, from there the LCL and Central used to join.  Note the trolley underpass wall  - just a speck of white on the left.


right, same scene as above, but if you look, you can see the double trolley track on what is now James Avenue, a part of  Holmes High School, and just the top of the old Holmes Castle.  See a close-up inset here.




left, somewhere in Covington, on the Kentucky Central, north of the Madison Pike tunnel.

There are additional pictures from this set, on the LCL as it leaves Latonia
 and enters Campbell County on the Wilder, Campbell County, page, here.

kenton line

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