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Latonia Deposit Bank

Latonia Deposit Bank, Bird Building, Latonia


Boeckley's Latonia Pharmacy
DeCoursey and Winston, before 1936

Oscar Boeckley's Drug Store
3702 DeCoursey, Latonia

Boeckley's was founded in 1917 at the location on the left, above.  Sometime in the early 1930's he moved across the street to the corner of DeCoursey and Southern, on the right, above. 



Ritte's Corner



First National Bank, Latonia


50th Anniversary Picture of FNB Officials Employees at Latonia's First National Bank First National Bank of Latonia Holds Opening House, July 26, 1958, to celebrate their remodeling.  Names of people in image on the right are here.

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Before the Civil War, there were a number of vineyards and wineries in Latonia.  Read about Corneau and Sons here(pdf)

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J. H. Kruse Charles B. Schoborg Henry Feldman

These three men, and several others, were the victims of one of the ugliest episodes in Northern Kentucky History.  Usually referred to collectively as the Shoborg trials, this German Shoemaker and other prominent citizens of Latonia were tried and convicted for utterances it was claimed they made.  It was 1917;  fear, paranoia, and hatred for German citizens was rampant. Men with multiple sons at the front were being accused of being un-American. Shoborg was a shoe repairman, who had a little office in the First National Bank Building, below.  The crazies put a "dictagraph" in his shop - in essence, they bugged his store, but could only listen; the machine didn't record. I urge you to read Lisa Gilliam's great piece from the Kentucky Heritage Magazine, which will give you all the ugly details.  It's a big pdf, but, again, I urge you to read it.  You can find it here.
Thanks to Lisa Gilliam and the Kentucky Heritage magazine for permission to post it!


Bob's Variety Store, proprietor Bob Evans, 40th and Decoursey, opened in 1947, a.k.a Bob's Five and Ten


The Delbee, 4003 DeCoursey
The business was owned by A. J. Delinger and Harry Beerman. hence the name.


Siefert's Bakery, 1935 - 1939
3737 DeCoursey
photos courtesy Frederick and Catherine Seifert


Seifert's Bakery
This 36th & Decoursey bakery indoor photo shows Frederick Joseph Seifert, baker and his sister Clara Frances Seifert, clerk. Both resided at the family home, 508 E. 16th St., Covington. He rented a section of the building 1929 thru c. 1935 from owner/landord Mrs M. Carroll.


Liberty Fruit Company, Latonia,  "a sanitary daylight one story building finished in 1941" 
227 W. Southern Avenue
 Maraschino Cherry's and Glace Fruit
Founded here by the Bettman family in 1914, moved to this  location in 1937.  Bought by Pillsbury in 1991, sold to Senaca  Foods in 1997, who closed the doors in June of 2000.   At one time, over 300 people were employed here.  R.I.P.



The T. W. Spinks Brick Plant, Latonia

Spinks was just north of what today is Summit Drive.
This map is a very tiny portion of a very large set of maps published by the Sanborn Fire Map Co
in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  You can see every last one. Learn how here.

Reams Radio Shop
 103 E. 30th Street 
 Latonia, Ky,  1947

Doc's Pure Oil
34th & DeCoursey
You may also know it as Mac's, or, S & W Auto.
Thanks to Gary Michael David who posted
 this pic of his Dad's place on Facebook

Crescent Ice Cream, 14 W. Southern Avenue

Marion F. Stout Co, 1923
Manufacturers of Concrete Tile and Block
34th & Decoursey


Henry Heile & Son, 1901
Grain Elevator at Southern and 20th

J. H. Hermesch & Co
Latonia (Milldale) and Erlanger


J. Weller's Milldale Factory


This is a Hortonspheroid.  It held 15,000 42 gallon bbls. of butane.  1941


The plant shown here was in Minneapolis, bit we posted
it for the picture of the Nichols Brothers, whose grocery was at the northwest
corner of Huntington and Taylor (now 40th) in 1910

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"In Latonia, Kentucky, Cornucopia Vineyard, the firm of Messrs. Corneau and Son, associated
 with [Cincinnati's] Longworth's Wine House, produced 245,000 bottles of sparkling wine in 1853." 
Andrea Dee, writing in Northern Kentucky Heritage, Spring-Summer 2012.

"One plan, supposed to be a great improvement, is that of separating the stems from the grapes before they are placed upon the press, as they are supposed to give an austere and bitter taste to the wine, and prevent the severe pressing of the cheese.  This process has been previously used by Mr. Conneau at his excellent establishment on Bank Lick, near Latonia Springs; a locality which appears admirably adapted to the culture of the grape, as has been already approved to some extent by numerous thriving vineyards - among which are those of Messrs. Jones, Mosher, Park, Conneau, etc.  The last named gentleman, whose father is an old vigneron from France, where he was familiar with the business from childhood, has introduced an apparatus for separating the stems and crushing the grapes;  it is exceedingly simple, and appears to succeed very well."

Read all about Corneau's apparatus here.  (pdf)

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Charles Mills, Proprietor of the New Castle, Milldale, & Short Horn Distilleries, 1889

Map of the Distillery, under new owners, 1910


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"Mr. D. Beets of Latonia, Ky., is here this week looking after his lumber interest.  He is one of the largest manufacture and dealers in the country, having many plants scattered from Prentiss, Miss., to Latonia, Ky."
 from the Mountain Advocate, Barbourville, KY  August 10, 1917

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