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Proposed new building Latonia Christian Church Latonia Christian Church



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Latonia Christian. In 1931, Latonia Christian was the fifth largest Christian Church in Kentucky:
Lexington Central 2,050 members
Lexington, Broadway 1,894 members
Paris 1,845 members
Louisville, First 1,650 members
Latonia 1,300 members


Evangelists at Latonia Christian

The moving force behind Latonia Christian was the Rev. H. C. Runyan.

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Calvary Baptist Church, Covington
 At the Corner of Southern and Tibbatts, it was partially built by its members to save money. A fire station occupied the site previously.


Methodist Episcopal Church, Latonia
(It was earlier the home of St. Stephens Episcopal Church)


Trinity Methodist
(Architect's Drawing)
Methodist Episcopal
Church, Latonia


Home where first services of
Latonia Baptist were held.
First Church Bldg.,  38th
& DeCoursey,  1876,
Construction scene from 1916.


Latonia Baptist
On the right, lists Rev. T. C. Crume as pastor

Ku Klux Klan meet at the Baptist Church, 1924.


St. Mark United Church of Christ
A little history from their 50th Anniversary Booklet, from 1959, is here.

A brief history of Latonia's Church of Christ is here.


Church Street, Latonia, Kentucky

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You can argue whether St. Anthony's is/was in Latonia, Forest Hills, Decoursey,
or Taylor Mill, but wherever it is, the Rev. Paul Ryan's history of it is here.

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