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The original Look-Out House, with the cupola from which patrons could "look out."  You can read that is was used as a lookout post in the Civil War, but the cupola was added in 1887, so, no.  Originally the sight of Rush's Tavern, a brick structure, the place was bought in 1886 by a German locksmith named Alois Hampel, who tore down the earlier building and built the one you see above.  Hampel died in 1912, and the place was sold to Bill Hill.  Hill made a success of the place, and sold it in 1933 to Jimmy Brinks.  Brinks is the man under which it made its reputation.  Brink's place was based an expansion of the building above.


Bill Hill's Lookout House
 View of the Main Dining Room of Bill Hill's Historic Lookout House 
on the Dixie Highway, Covington, KY.  Spacious, cool, restful, 
subdued in atmosphere and permeated with the hospitality for 
which Kentucky is famous. The home of those good Chicken, Steak and
 Frog Leg Dinners - prepared and served just as you would expect
 them to be in "Old Kentucky."  
Cuisine Unsurpassed * Music Par Excellence

Lookout House, Showplace
 of the Nation

"Earl Arnold, with his popular dance orchestra is  playing to increased crowds each week at Bill Hill's Lookout House, Dixie Highway, Covington, Kentucky"


Jimmy Brink's Lookout House

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Jimmy Brink leaving the Kefauver Commission hearings, left.
That's the Senate Sgt-at-Arms, Joseph Duke, on the right

The 1951 Kefauver Commission's Report
had a profit  statement from the
 Lookout House.  It's here.

Jimmy Brink's Lookout House had a
tunnel that ran from the club,
under Dixie Highway.

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Lookout House, New Years
 Eve 1934-35
 ( "Courtesy of James Brinks" )

The Lookout House donated
for charity, 1934


An aerial view of the Lookout House, 1952
note St. Agnes in the upper right


The Lookout House 

The Lookout House (front and back)
( Schillings )

The Lookout House burns down, August 14, 1973.  The Shillings had sold the property prior to the fire.



Lookout House Luncheon Menu

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A little background on the Lookout House is here

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"There was a fine attendance at the Lookout House last evening.  The German
 band gave selections from Italian opera"  from The Cincinnati Commercial, August 8, 1877

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