morning view

L&N Depot, Morning View, 1910
 (You can locate the depot on the map below)

Morning View Hotel


Camp George W. Hill
"The Official Scout Reservation of the Northern Kentucky Council, Boy Scouts of America"

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from Covington's The Ticket, May 8, 1877  "The Morning View Accommodation train made it's first trip yesterday on the Kentucky Central Railroad.  The train leaves Covington every evening at 6:15, and arrives in Morning View at 7:30, and arrives in Covington in the morning at 7:15.  This train affords business men in Covington and Cincinnati excellent opportunities to reside in the county.

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St. Mary's Church, Morning View (from 30's or 40's)    (note the birdhouse) 
A history of the church is here. (pdf)
The Rev. Paul Ryan's history of the church is here.

St. Mary's was blown down by a tornado in 2012.

Licking River Ferry, Morning View

Map of Morning View, 1883
from An Atlas of Boone, Kenton and Campbell
Counties, Kentucky, published by D. J. Lake & Co.

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"A new post office, named Morning View, has been established at Mullins' station, 20 miles from Covington, on the Covington and Lexington railroad. Geo. H. Mullins is post master." from the Covington Journal, November 24, 1855.

"The Morning View Dancing Club at Drexelius' Hall last night enjoyed on of their pleasant parties.  The club did not belie its name.  The early morning was viewed before the dancing and jollity ceased." 
 from Covington's The Ticket, August 29, 1877

For a List of Morning View Merchants from 1876, go here.

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