A School for Bandits - Train Robbery Taught


New Orleans, Oct. 3 - Clarence E. Boatwright, railroad clerk, formerly of Nashville, surrendered to New Orleans police late last night, confessing that he was implicated in the attempt to hold up an L. & N. express train known to carry large sums to New York.

He implicated Alfred Emmett Oliver, railroad man.  Oliver when arrested had a steel saw sewed in his belt, and admitted that he had tried to buy 40 pounds of dynamite here. He told a startling tale of being a pupil of a college of train robbers at Ludlow, Ky., taught by an ex-bandit and several yeggmen.

Oliver, it is said, told detectives that this school of crime was responsible for the Alabama Great Southern hold-up at Bibbsville by three youths.  Detectives of the Southern Express Company are going to Ludlow to investigate the story.

The school for robbers, Oliver said, is located at Ludlow, Ky.  The head professor in the college of bandits is a former train robber, who made enough money to retire from the business.  Practically all of the loot secured in train robberies is carried to Ludlow, where it is divided.  The robberies are mapped out and carefully planned in the school at Ludlow by the head professor and his associates.


from the Hartford Herald (Hartford, Kentucky), October 8, 1913