Murders in Erlanger

"Monday evening, near Erlanger, Kentucky, Thomas Edwards, a prominent young farmer was killed by his neighbor, John Richards, during a quarrel about some pigs of Richards’s that had trespassed on Edward’s farm. The weapon used was a common pocketknife.  It entered the jugular vein." New York Times, October 8, 1890


"Erlanger, Ky., Sept. 11 - On the public highway near Deer Ridge to-day an old feud between neighboring farmers resulted in a shooting affray in which two men were killed and two fatally wounded.  A father and son were engaged on each side, reinforced by their respective farmhands.  The dead are Joseph Michaels and James McCray.  James W. Watson and Ben Michaels were wounded.  The two latter are the principals.  They had quarreled about fences and had been enemies for a long time.  Joseph Michaels was a son of Ben Michaels and James McCray was a farmhand.  Several other men were wounded." New York Times, September 12, 1898