L & N Tunnels


Here is some basic info on the six LCL tunnels:

Sulphur Tunnel was 632 ft and was located between MP 38-39 just south of where the LCL goes under I-71 near Campbellsburg. It was by-passed around 1996 I believe and was at least partially concrete lined.

Mill Creek Tunnel was 478 ft and was located between MP 46-47; it was also by-passed around 1996. The square portal extension over the north portal is visible from I-71 a couple of miles west of the English exit and it was brick lined.

Eagle Creek Tunnel was 636 ft and was located between MP 73-74 a few miles northeast of Glencoe, just across the Grant County line. It was brick lined and was daylighted after a partial cave-in in 2005.

Hog Run Tunnel was 207 ft and was located between MP 76-77 near Zion Station. I believe it was by-passed in the early 60s, but I can't confirm that. It is noted as brick lined in the 1942 profile.

Tunnel No. 5 was 179 ft and was located between MP 98-99 near Banklick Creek. In was daylighted in 1963 I believe and was brick lined.

Tunnel No. 6 (not sure why the last two tunnels weren't named) was 449 ft and was also located between MP 98-99 and the north portal opened up to the Banklick Creek bridge that was in several classic L&N photos. It was also brick lined.


by Butch Adkins, posting in the L&N discussion Forum on Yahoo