The Story Behind Motch Jewelers

Motch Jewelers opened in 1857 in Covington, Kentucky. That's when Michael Motch, a man from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, founded a little store that is still being talked about years later. Over one hundred and fifty years later.

Motch Jewelers. 1857. Three years before the Civil War. In of all places, Covington, Kentucky. A town of about 10,000 people, 8 jewelry stores, 49 show stores, and most importantly in those days, 90 saloons.

Fourteen years later, in 1871, Mr. Motch found himself so successful he hired the most prominent architect in Cincinnati, James W. McLaughlin, to design a new building at 613 Madison Ave [as so elegantly described in 1871 Covington Journal article]. This is still where Motch Jewelers resides today.

Mr. Motch equipped his new store with the finest jewelry cases, a 10-foot tall George Jones store regulator clock, and a Boston E. Howard & Co. street clock that has been a Covington landmark for 131 years. Even today, these things still serve Motch Jewelers very well, and draw collectors and tourists to Covington's historic 613 Madison Avenue.

After continued success in the 20th century, the store was enlarged in 1926. It weathered the Depression, then World War II. Now today, Motch Jewelers continues the traditions of Mr. M.C. Motch by still providing our loyal customers with exceptional service and excellent value. Our commitment to our customer is still our first priority, even today... one hundred and fifty-three years later.



from a former web site of Motches.