Swimmers Please Take Notice


Cleanliness we have not the least objection to but, we do complain of swimmers exposing themselves on the banks of the river in front of the city.  There is no more delightful place for an evening walk than along the banks of the Ohio, where the pure breeze from the river may be enjoyed.  But modest people are cut off from this, since the numbers of young men assemble on the river bank, from one end of Covington to the other, there disrobe themselves whilst it is daylight, and play around both on the bank and in the water – often using the most obscene language, and particularly when the young gentleman of Newport come down to expose themselves in a like manner.  The music of the garrison band is a source of great pleasure to the ladies and gentlemen of Covington as well a to their friends who visit them, but no gentleman can take a lady to the bank to enjoy the music without having to view from 10 to 30 naked persons.  We appeal to the city authorities to apply a remedy.


from the  Covington Journal, July 4, 1856