Both Belligerents Killed

Covington, Ky., March 23 [1904] --Engaged in a fist fight, standing on the track leading from the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad bridge into the yards at Park street, two men Tuesday night gave up their lives and were crushed by a locomotive before either would give an inch of vantage ground.  William Rogers, foreman of a switching crew in the C&O yards, and Geo. Dawn, a helper, were the men engaged in a remarkable battle.  Both lived in Covington, Dawn at 17th and Grant streets, and Rogers at 1702 Banklick street.  The men were killed just at the end of the incline leading from the bridge into the yard.

It is surmised that both men saw the approaching train, realized their danger and faced a terrible death under the engine rather than give way to each other.


from the Warsaw Independent, March 26, 1904