Lewisburg School, 1912 Lewisburg School Orangeburg School


Minerva School Eastland School Rectorville School


Minerva School
from a Facebook post by Jim Allison



The Old and New "Colored Schools,"  circa 1932

“The last of the one-room schools in Mason County was sold Monday for $150 to Clay Fossitt.  The building was the Hilldale School on the Germantown Pike.  In the last few years it has served as a church meeting place.” 
 From the Louisville Courier Journal, March 4, 1941


The Consolidated Schools of Mason County, 1912
The text of the article is continued briefly here.



Early, and "Newer" Mason County School Transportation, circa 1932


Washington School Moransburg School Drawing of School
planned for Dover


Drawing of School planned for Sardis

Sardis School, "a modern, consolidated,
12 grade school"  1933

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