Bank in May's Lick US Post Office, Mayslick Main Street, Mayslick


Shannon Methodist, Mayslick

History of Shannon Methodist is here. (pdf)


Mayslick School Activities Mayslick School


 Mayslick School, 1914  Mayslick School, 1914  Mayslick School, 1914
Wagon Sheds for School Wagon Horses Children Getting on board the wagons  Loaded for delivery home


Mayslick Christian
Church, 1956
Mayslick Christian Church
 Parsonage, 1956
Another picture of
the Wernwag home. 
The parsonage was built by, and was earlier the home of, Louis V. Wernwag, 1769-1843,
a noted builder of covered bridges in Kentucky. 


newNight riders burn barns near Mayslick.  Story here. If you're unfamiliar with the background of the night riders and the tobacco wars, I suggest starting here.
Plaque unveiled noting May's Lick as site of first consolidated school transportation, here. History of the Mays Lick Baptist Church
a short version is here; the longer version is here (pdf).
"New Mayslick Paper. Maysville, Ky., July 14 - The Masonian, a six-column, eight-page weekly, published at Mayslick, this county, made its initial appearance here on Saturday.  It is owned and edited by the Rev. Lewis N. Thompson, and son, L. Roemele Thompson.  It is a sprightly sheet.  This gives Mason county six newspapers, three dailies and three weeklies."  from the Louisville Courier-Journal, July 15, 1912
History of Mays Lick Christian Church is here. Edith Davis' history of Mayslick is here. (pdf)
Rev. Paul Ryan's history
of St. Rose is here.
newObituary of the Mayslick banker who rode with Morgan, here.
Mayslick dot com is here. "Rev. A. A. Price is making his home at Mays Lick, Ky." from The Freeman, A National Illustrated Colored Newspaper, May 24, 1890,
"Five hundred people visited the mineral springs near Mayslick, this county, yesterday, and each one carried away a vessel of the water that is believed to have such healing qualities.  The water has been analyzed, and was found to contain medicinal properties that are claimed beneficial to consumptives."  - The Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, June 20, 1895
Lynn David interview 13 older Mayslick residents in 1985 and 1986. They've not been transcribed, but can be heard at the NKU's Steely Library's Archives. Read more about them at NKU's archive site: here. "Mayslick, Ky., June 12. - Fire Thursday destroyed the Ryan & Worthington livery stables, the Owsley saloon and several cottages.  The Bank of Mayslick and Presbyterian church were damaged." 
 - The Owingsville Outlook, June 18, 1903
"TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD.  Ran away from the subscriber on the 9th of November, two miles back of New Albany, Indiana, a likely mulatto boy, copper colored, 21 years of age, 6 feet high; had on when he went away, a wool hat, blue jeans coat and pantaloons, yellow waistcoat, and a very heavy pair of shoes with three soles.

The above reward will be given for the said negro, if confined in Louisville jail, so that I can get him, or delivered to the owner, David Small, Mayslick, Mason county, Ky.  Wm. Hickman, New Albany, Ia. Nov. 12."
from the Louisville Public Advertiser, November 12, 1829


Yeah, Yeah, it's Nicholas County . . .  1929.
I thought if you're looking at Mays Lick, you'd like it.

For the record, I have no idea whether it's "May's Lick" (possessive); "Mays Lick,"
(two words, not possessive); or Mayslick," (one word).  It depends on who's writing it,
what the context is, and the year in which they were writing it.  I generally follow the
usage of whatever I'm quoting.

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