The old Maysville school building where U. S. Grant attended


First District School, Maysville, 1917

First Ward School, Maysville Third District School, Maysville Fifth Ward School, Maysville

 Maysville High School

A list of the teachers and board members of the first ward school are here.   A list of the teachers and board members of the fifth ward school are here.  


First Ward School Fifth Ward School Colored High School Maysville High School
These four pictures are all from the Maysville Public Ledger of April 9, 1910, as are the stories below of the school board and the superintendent of the time:


Part1 Part 2 Part 3
          Read about Miss Jessie O. Yancey, Superintendent of Mason County School, here.


Class of 1937

Maysville School Classes

Maysville Class of 1954 in Washington, May, 1954


Cornerstone Laying for
 New School, May 14, 1908

Children forming for line of march to laying of corner stone new High School Building, May 14th,1908. 
Published by the Sallie S. Wood Drug Store, 2nd and Market Sts., Maysville

Read lots more about the cornerstone laying event, here.


Maysville Colored High School, c. 1910

Seven graduate from Maysville's Colored High School in 1890.  Story here.


These are from the Mason County School Fair of 1914

  Miss Cartmell's Preparatory School, 1910, here.

  Miss Johnson's Commercial School, 1910, here

Miss Gordon's Training School, 1910, here.


The Class of 1913.  from the left, the basketball team, the class picture, and senior Lisle Threlkeld runs track.
Members of the class of 1913 are listed here.

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